ESOX: Free Simulation Tool for Offshore Wind

We are proud to announce the market launch of ESOX, our new tool for the simulation of offshore operations. 

With ESOX, everyone can model and analyze offshore operations around the globe. Our new weather downtime tool is Excel-based and easy to use – neither a login nor a manual is needed. We have developed ESOX for client use after a decade of planning, simulating, and executing offshore wind projects.

Two Functions in One

ESOX is a combination of sequential downtime modeling and a global data map, providing high-quality reanalysis metocean data. 

How long does it take to install a typical offshore wind foundation? Which months are the best for blade repair? How does a project site in the North Sea compare to one in the Atlantic Ocean or the Sea of Japan? ESOX enables everyone to answer these and many more questions. The tool is designed to analyze wind capacities and weather modeling globally. 

ESOX is free, lightweight, and user-friendly. The tool is designed to be easily copied and shared, with the goal of increasing transparency across stakeholders,” Project Manager for ESOX, Guillermo Esteban, says. 

30 Years of Global Weather Data

ESOX’s metocean dataset includes 30 years of global ERA5 data, provided by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts. ERA5 is the result of decades of industry-leading research in atmospheric and oceanic modeling and is, generally, very well suited for the analysis of offshore operations.

Bringing New Markets Up to Speed

The new tool will help existing and new markets benchmark their metocean conditions with reference projects from competitive markets – thereby assisting them in understanding the costs of construction in local waters.

The success of our company and our fight against climate change depends on the cost of offshore wind. We believe that ESOX can help drive the costs down by providing a better understanding of offshore operations in existing and new markets,Partner at LAUTEC, Henrik Søgaard Iversen, says.

In order to increase industry transparency for offshore wind at a global level, it is essential that ESOX is accessible for everyone. Not only for industry specialists but also for the public.

ESOX allows corporations, NGOs, students, and governments to do their own analysis and benchmark between sites, technologies, and projects, Iversen continues.

ESOX+ for Complex Modelling

ESOX enables project participants to do most of the analysis, which is needed in an offshore wind project, themselves. For the more challenging, niche simulation cases, we provide assistance using the advanced and flexible ESOX+ modeling tool on a consulting basis. 

Since 2015, our specialists have undertaken modeling using ESOX and ESOX+ for more than 5 GW of offshore wind capacity across North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. 


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