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    About Us

    Expertise in Global Wind Power Projects

    Established in 2015, LAUTEC provides engineering know-how and practical, intuitive IT services for realizing large-scale renewable energy projects. 

    Today, we are 45 consultants and 12 software developers working globally on wind power projects. Our specialists come with experience from more than 25 offshore wind projects combined and are well-positioned to share best-practice advice and lessons learned.

    Our hands-on involvement in offshore wind enables us to design systems optimized for practical project execution. The main LAUTEC SaaS systems are DPR (Daily Progress Report), Q (Quality Inspection), WindGIS (Geographic Information System), and ESOX (Sequential Downtime Analysis).


    We accelerate the renewable energy transition worldwide through innovative IT solutions and consulting services, enabling the public and private sectors to develop, execute and operate wind power projects smarter, faster, and cheaper.